Did a rock just hit your windshield? 

Windshield chips will happen to most of us, especially when you least expect it. If you live anywhere in Alberta (Canada), you might be familiar with the term “pickle”; otherwise known as gravel. Pickle consists of small gravel pebbles coated with road salt and sand. This is used to give traction throughout the winter months. It’s also a well known culprit for windshield chips, all year long. 

One thing I know: windshield chips are annoying to deal with. They mess up your routine. They cause damage to your perfect windshield. You have to call around or scour the internet looking for reputable companies, available appointments and prices. If you’re anything like me, you value your time and would rather not spend your time driving around looking for an auto glass shop. 

This is where my company, Dynamo Windshield Repair, comes to the rescue. In today’s world, everyone is busy. Time is money, right? That’s why we offer a mobile windshield repair service in Edmonton, Alberta. There’s no need to wait at an auto glass shop. There’s no need to wait in line at a deco windshield repair tent in a parking lot, on a hot summer day. We bring the windshield chip repair service right to you. Whether you’re at home or at the office, we’ll come to you.

Here’s the benefits to using our MOBILE WINDSHIELD CHIP REPAIR service.


Like I said earlier, everyone is busy. Nowadays, when we want something, we want it fast. You might get lucky and be able to snag an open appointment at a glass shop, but chances are, they’re busy repairing other people’s windshields too. 

What do you do next? Well, if time is of the essence, you’re probably wondering if there’s some type of service that comes to you. This is where a mobile service comes in to save the day. 

It’s simple. You book the appointment on your time at your preferred location. That’s it! 

You just saved yourself all the time it would take to find a glass shop, make an appointment, take the time off of work or out of your day off, drive to the glass shop (while praying that the chip doesn’t spread out while on your way there), wait for an hour or two while your windshield is being repaired, pay for the service and then be on your merry way

Or, you could book an appointment with Dynamo Windshield Repair, and not have to worry about any of that. The choice is yours.           


Do you care about saving yourself more money? Of course you do! This is where one of the benefits of a mobile windshield chip repair really shines. 

A lot of drivers assume that a windshield chip repair will cost them lots of money. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Most chip repairs will cost you much less than any windshield replacement. In Alberta, the average price for a professional windshield chip repair is anywhere from $30 to $60, depending on the company, type of damage and several other factors. If you are able to repair the chip before it spreads into a crack, it will save you all of the costs related to replacing your windshield. 

Did I mention that most windshield chip repairs take less than 30 minutes to service?

Using our convenient mobile service will also help you save on fuel expenses. There’s no need to drive around all Sunday afternoon looking for an open glass shop (trust me, I have yet to find an auto glass shop that is open on a Sunday). 


Although a small windshield chip might not look that dangerous at first, it actually is. Damage to your windshield poses a great risk while driving.

First off, windshield chips that eventually spread into cracks will reduce your overall visibility. This compromises your safety and the safety of others while on the road. 

Secondly, the windshield holds a lot of weight from the roof of your vehicle. A damaged and cracked windshield will reduce the overall structural integrity of the windshield and frame. This is especially dangerous in the case of an impact. In an accident, the weakened support from the cracked windshield can lead to serious and fatal injuries. In the event of a front end collision, your windshield will help transfer the force to your vehicle’s chassis.

In conclusion, why risk your life or the lives of others because you’re “too busy” to get your windshield chips repaired in time? Our convenient mobile service keeps you safe at all times without taking up too much of your time. No more excuses!


It used to be a common practice to let your windshield chips spread into cracks and then just replace the windshield afterwards. Although, some people still prefer this method, it is not environmentally friendly as of today’s standards. 

In 2019, it is now possible to recycle windshields but that wasn’t always the case only a few decades ago. 

A new windshield requires a considerable amount of materials in order for it to be manufactured. Replaced windshields have been filling up landfills all across the globe for years and years. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much emphasis put towards recycling the windshields at the time. The recycling programs currently in place are still in an early-adoption stage. For most glass shops, it is just not feasible to recycle all of these windshields. They typically will end up in dumpsters which eventually leads to the nearest landfill.

If you’re able to repair your chips while they’re still small and you care about our Mother Earth, try a windshield repair before you choose a windshield replacement. We repair because we care!


How else can I explain to you that mobile service is more convenient than a traditional brick and mortar auto glass shop? 

Here’s an example. Back in the days of old, doctors used to make “house calls”. Instead of making you get out of bed and then walk or ride a horse to the nearest clinic, the doctor would come to you and attend to your medical needs. A mobile windshield repair service is essentially the same thing, except we’re not technically doctors. 

Whether you’re on your way to work or you’re at home taking care of the kids, a mobile service saves you time and money. All you have to do is call, text or book online. Send us your location with your preferred date and time. That’s it! Sit back, relax and let us handle the rest!

I hope this blog post helped clarify what a mobile windshield chip repair service is. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or contact me directly through my website. Thank you!

Contact Dynamo Windshield Repair for all of your windshield chip repair and windshield crack repair needs. We service Edmonton (Alberta) and surrounding areas, 7 days a week – 12 months a year. Give us a call or visit our website for more information.