Book your windshield chip repair online anytime, anywhere. View our available times and then book your service. We will instantly confirm your appointment and show up at your desired location. 



Due to the pandemic, we offer a convenient and contact-less service. There’s no need for you to leave your home. We accept contact-less debit, credit and e-transfer payments.


A professional windshield repair technician will arrive at your desired location, anywhere in Edmonton, AB. With Dynamo, there’s no need to visit a glass shop.



We want to keep you safe. To protect you and our staff, we always keep a 6 feet distance and wear a face mask and gloves. We will sanitize any surface we come in contact with after your service.



Step 1:

We inspect your windshield and identify any damaged area(s). This prevents a hidden rock chip from being missed and expanding later on. 

We remove any surface debris using a specialized tool. Clean access to the rock chip or crack is essential.

If required, we will use a fine tipped carbide drill bit to access the center of the break.

Step 2:

A specialized windshield repair bridge is mounted directly over the damaged area. The bridge uses a “vacuum” to remove the air inside the break. This will prevent air bubbles and prepare the break for the repair resin.

Step 3:

Once the damage is free of debris and the bridge is mounted, a high bond strength acrylic resin is injected into the damaged area. The bridge’s injector pin will gently push resin into the break.

Afterwards, vacuum and pressure cycles are alternated to help remove the air and push the resin.

Step 4:

After the rock chip or crack has been filled, it is covered with a pit filling resin and a finishing film is applied.

The break is then exposed to a specialized lamp using ultraviolet (UV) light. The UV cures the repair resin outside of the break and the glass inside the break.

Step 5:

Once the windshield chip and pit resin has cured, the excess is removed. A straight edge razor blade is used and a glass cleaner is applied. This crucial step is done to ensure that the pit is filled and that the surface of the impact point is perfectly smooth with the rest of your windshield.

We will buff the surface damage with pit polish which will help reduce the visibility of the exterior of the pit repair.

$0 mobile repair fee in Edmonton.

An additional mobile repair fee of $20 applies for service outside of Edmonton.

Plus 5% GST