Windshield Chip Repair Cost [Rock Chip Repair]

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October 15, 2020

Windshield Chip Repair Cost

How much does a windshield chip repair cost? This is always one of the first questions a customer has when starting their research process for a windshield repair. Here at Dynamo Windshield Repair, we receive this question almost every day, usually within the first couple of minutes of any conversation.

But we understand. Price matters to a lot of shoppers. It can dictate whether you repair your rock chip right away or prolong the repair and wait for a windshield replacement. It is best to ask around from various shops for a quote when looking for a rock chip repair or crack repair. 

A windshield chip repair cost will vary depending on the size of the damage, the location of the damage and the quality of resins and tools used by the windshield repair technician. In our opinion, you get what you pay for. Sometimes the cheaper option isn’t always the best place to go for a windshield chip repair. Windshields protect you and your family, so you want to ensure the repair is done properly.

Most windshield chip repairs will cost anywhere from $40-$80. As with any other windshield repair, this can increase depending on the size of the chip, if the chip has turned into a small crack or if you have multiple rock chips on the same windshield.

What To Do If You Get A Rock Chip

Here are a few things you can do to try and keep your windshield chips from spreading out until you have had them repaired:

  • Put some tape over top of the damage! Dry the area off with a towel and cover the rock chip with a piece of tape or a clear sticker. This will help keep it clean and dry.
  • If you have a crack, put tape over top of that as well. Make sure to tape the crack well and ensure that the tape extends a few inches past the crack. 
  • The sooner you can have the chip or crack repaired, the better the results will be. Waiting too long will run the risk of the damage spreading and costing you a new windshield.
  • Try to avoid sudden changes in temperature when you have a chip that has not been repaired. For example, in cold weather, avoid using your windshield’s defrost. Instead, warm up your vehicle using the vents that come from the floor. 
  • Avoid washing your vehicle. The pressure from the jets can spread a chip or crack out instantly. 
  • Avoid parking your vehicle in an underground parking lot or a heated garage, until you have the chip or crack repaired.
  • Avoid slamming your doors or trunk. The vibrations can cause a chip to spread out.
  • Drive slowly when going over speed bumps and avoid all potholes. Your windshield will flex slightly with the frame of the vehicle when going over bumps. This can cause your windshield chips to spread out if you are not careful.
  • Avoid driving too closely behind other vehicles and semi-trucks. Getting hit by another rock or other debris can cause your existing chips to spread out.

Just A Rock Chip?

If a customer is looking for one windshield chip repair about the size of a quarter or smaller, this could cost anywhere from $40-$60. If the rock chip is bigger than a quarter or larger than 1 inch in diameter, expect to pay anywhere from $60-$80. This is because larger chips will take more time and more resin to fill the chip properly. Keep in mind that these prices range from different auto glass shops, technicians and cities.

Windshield Crack?

Some windshield cracks can be repaired, if caught in time. A single crack ranging in size from 2 inches to 16 inches can still be repaired. It is important to repair the crack before any moisture or dirt enters inside of the glass. It is harder for the resin to flow into the glass, if the crack is older and full of moisture, dirt and/or debris. It will also depend on the location of the crack and where the crack has spread out to. Sometimes, it is better to replace the windshield than trying to fix a crack that is not suitable for a repair. Prices for a crack repair can range anywhere from $100 to $200, depending on the length of the crack, the quality of the resin used, and the auto glass shop that you’re using.

Windshield Inspection & Cleaning

To keep your windshield clean, use a glass cleaner or a non-ammonia cleaner and a soft towel or microfiber cloth to remove any dirt and grime on your windshield.

Tips on what to look for when inspecting your windshield:

  • Check the windshield, inside and out, for small rock chips and cracks. Look for “star breaks” or “bullseye” chips and any other small cracks. Most rock chips and cracks can be repaired. Any damage that is not repairable will unfortunately call for a windshield replacement.
  • Tiny pits will build up on the windshield over time. This is normal as small particles and debris will hit the glass while you are driving at high speeds. Small pits can reduce your vision when illuminated by headlights or direct sunlight. Unfortunately, the only way to fix a badly pitted windshield is to replace it. 
  • Make sure to inspect behind the rear-view mirror, underneath the wiper blades and around the edges of the windshield for any chips or cracks. Any problems affecting the seal of the windshield will also weaken the structural integrity and will need to be repaired by an auto glass technician.
  • Check your wiper blades to ensure that the rubber is still soft and pliable. Your wiper blade should clear water in a single swipe. A brittle wiper blade can break off easily and allow the metal arm to scratch your windshield.

Windshield Chip Repair

Windshield chip repairs have come a long way since it was first invented back in the early 1970’s. Auto glass repair specialists are now able to repair many different types of windshield damage. In some cases, your auto insurance company will cover the windshield repairs at no cost to you because it will cost them less than it costs to replace the windshield.

The size and location of a rock chip or crack will determine whether it can be repaired or not. Chips that are smaller than a “toonie” or 2’ in diameter can usually be repaired safely. Most single cracks up to 16” can be repaired, if done so as soon as possible by a professional technician. Glass repair specialists will recommend replacing a windshield that has a crack across the glass or if the crack is extending from the edge. Windshield chips and cracks tend to spread quickly and easily, so it is best to repair them sooner rather than later.

The repair process for chips and cracks involves injecting a liquid resin into the damaged area through a windshield repair bridge that suctions to your windshield. This small machine will vacuum out the trapped air in between the layer of laminate and the first layer of the glass. With the help of a hydraulic pressure pin, the machine will slowly force the liquid resin into the legs and bubble of the rock chip or crack. After the resin has completely filled the damaged area, the technician will then place a small amount of pit resin onto the impact point. A UV light is then applied over top of the damaged area to cure the resin both inside the glass and on top of the impact point. Once dry, the repair technician will remove the excess resin by scraping a razor blade across the pit and will then smooth out the surface with a cork and a glass polish. The outcome of the chip or crack depends on the quality of tools and resins, the skill of the technician, how old the chip is and the amount of moisture trapped inside the damaged area. Do-it-yourself windshield repair kits are available but the repair might be better left to a glass expert. Professional windshield repair technicians are equipped with the proper tools and resins to ensure you receive a satisfactory repair.

The cost for a professional windshield repair will vary by location, auto glass shop and the damage type. Most rock chip repairs in Alberta range from $40 to $80 for a single chip. Be wary of a company offering cheap repairs. They might not be using professional resin or using the proper tools. Some shops may offer a discount when fixing additional chips on the same windshield. It makes a lot of sense to repair all of your chips, instead of repairing one and leaving others unrepaired. A crack repair will cost a bit more, due to the size of the crack and the amount of time, resin and expertise needed to repair it. Most crack repairs can cost anywhere from $100 to $200, depending on the size and the location of the damage.

Windshield Replacement

It is important that the proper materials and techniques are used when it comes to your windshield replacement. Your windshield holds a lot of structural integrity when your vehicle is involved in an accident. Do not choose the cheapest price when it comes to a replacement, as you and your family’s safety will be put at risk. For a professional service, you should choose an auto glass shop that is a registered member with the Auto Glass Safety Council (AGSC) and employs AGSC certified technicians. 

In some cases, windshield replacement is covered under a comprehensive portion of insurance policies, less any deductible payments. There are also some companies that will waive the deductible for a windshield replacement, depending on the circumstance. It is important to drive safely and have any damaged glass replaced promptly by an auto glass expert. 

In Alberta, it is up to you where you would like to go to get your windshield replaced. It is important that you shop around for various quotes, and look online at the glass shops ratings. Judging your replacement solely on price is not a wise decision. You want to choose a reputable glass shop that will do good work and offer a warranty of some kind, preferably a lifetime warranty. Do not pick a shop just because they have the cheapest price. You have the final say on who performs the replacement.

Windshield replacement costs vary by your location, your vehicle make and model, and the type of glass needed. Dealerships will typically use a factory replacement glass, whereas an independent auto glass installer will use an aftermarket windshield, that often come from the factory’s supplier. A replacement windshield can cost anywhere from $200 to $400 for a basic glass. Most newer vehicles with defrosters, sensors and antennas built into the glass will cost much more. Costs can vary anywhere from $400 to upwards of $1000 and sometimes even more, depending on the vehicle and type of glass needed for your replacement.

Be wary of installers with very low prices. Some may use low quality glass that may not meet all original equipment standards. If your vehicle is equipped with an advanced driver assistance system (ADAS), original equipment replacement glass may be required. The ADAS system must also be recalibrated after the new windshield is installed. Some auto glass shops can perform the calibration, but in most cases you will need to bring your vehicle to your dealership.

After your windshield has been installed, make sure to inspect the workmanship. Ensure that the glass is flush with the rest of the vehicle. The molding used should lie flat and be even all the way around the windshield with no bumps or holes. When you’re driving, make sure there is no whistling or any other indications of air leaks coming from the glass. Also keep any eye out for any water leaks coming from the new windshield. If you notice any of these problems, you should contact the auto glass shop immediately to have them repaired.

All of these numbers and prices are very general. Hopefully, this article helps you have a better feel for the cost of a windshield chip repair or windshield crack repair and what to expect when you start going through the repair process.

We’re happy to let you know the cost of a windshield chip repair, should you need one. You can get a quote from us by visiting our homepage or by calling us directly.