How much does it cost to repair a windshield chip?

How much does it cost to repair a windshield chip?

Windshield chip repair can save you time and money. It is a technical process that requires attention to detail and some patience. The cost of a windshield chip repair depends on the size and the location of the chip in the windshield. You want to make sure that the job is done right the first time. At Dynamo Windshield Repair, we have the skills and techniques to repair your windshield chip properly.

To repair your windshield chip, you can expect to pay anywhere from $30 to $100. Depending on what kind of windshield repair you need, it is a small price to pay as opposed to paying for a new windshield. 

If you are repairing a small rock chip with a D.I.Y. kit, you may only have to spend $20 or even less. Although these kits may come in handy in a dire emergency, we definitely recommend leaving windshield repair to the professionals. 

When it comes to having a professional auto glass shop repair your windshield, expect to pay anywhere from $30 to $100. This all depends on the size of chip you need repaired and whether you have multiple chips needing repairs. For example, if you have a small chip needing a repair, most shops will charge anywhere from $40 to $60.

All of these factors affect the cost of a windshield repair. At Dynamo Windshield Repair, all our windshield chip repair prices include free mobile service anywhere in Edmonton.

Let’s look at a few reasons why you should hire a professional to safely repair your windshield.

Why should I use a professional windshield repair company?

Insurance: A professional windshield repair company will be fully insured and licensed. You need to find an insured service provider to make sure you are covered in case the technician does not complete the work properly.

Warranty: Most professional windshield repair services will offer some kind of warranty. Whether it be a 90 day guarantee or a lifetime warranty, you need something to give you a little peace of mind, just in case the windshield repair fails in the future. 

Safety: Windshield chip repair isn’t that dangerous of a job, but you’ll want to make sure that the safety of you and your passengers is in good hands. A faulty windshield repair can lead to serious repercussions in the event of a vehicle collision.

Customer Service: At Dynamo Windshield Repair, we know you’re busy and we know you want the job done right. We strive to provide the best customer experience possible so that when we’re all done repairing your windshield chip, you’ll be so excited that you can’t wait to tell your friends and family all about us.

What happens if I need a windshield repair right now?

We can help with that! Dynamo Windshield Repair specializes in windshield chip repair in Edmonton, AB. Furthermore, we offer free mobile service anywhere in Edmonton. There’s no need to visit a glass shop – we’ll come to you! Contact us online today!

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