March 13, 2022

It was a super busy Sunday today. A little chilly outside but Daylight Saving Time officially begins. That means that Spring weather is just around the corner. I hope!

My day started off on the south side of Edmonton, then I gradually made my way up the west side and then the north side of the city. And then I finished my day off down in the south west of Edmonton.

There were quite a few nasty rock chips out there that I had to repair today. And there were a couple of easy ones too. 😉

One customer today got a rock chip Friday evening on his brand new Range Rover. He was worried about it spreading into a crack so he wanted to get it repaired as soon as possible. I don’t blame him!

When I arrived, the customer showed me the chip. It was a fresh bulls eye chip with no legs or radials coming out of the impact point. I started with some light flexing around the chip to make sure the resin would flow properly into the break.

rock chip in windshield before repair

Next, I grabbed my drill and cleaned out the crushed glass in the impact point. I placed my windshield repair bridge over top and dropped a few drops of resin into the break. I put the plunger into a pressure cycle and watched as the resin instantly shot into the glass. I left the machine on a pressure cycle for about 5 minutes. Then, I pulled the injector into a vacuum cycle. I could see all of the air being slowly sucked out by the repair bridge. I left the injector in a vacuum cycle for about 4 minutes, before putting it back into a pressure cycle. I flexed through the injector a few times to make sure the resin was flowing properly.

While waiting for the chip to fill, I topped up a few nicks on the windshield and filled another small rock chip. I left the machines do their work for about 20-30 minutes. After the chip was all filled, I grabbed my pit resin and plastic tab and dropped some resin onto the impact point. I turned on my UV lamp and placed it over top of the rock chip to cure the resins. I let the lamp cure everything for about 3 minutes. I did the same procedure for the other small chip as well.

Then I grabbed my razor blade and shaved off the pit resin. I cleaned up the impact point with some pit polish. Then I cleaned up my mess and the rest of the windshield.

rock chip in windshield after repair

I let the customer know that he was all good to go. He seemed pretty pleased with the end result and was happy that he caught the rock chip in time. I gave him my business card and a couple ‘fix me’ stickers before making my way to my next appointment. Only 3 more repairs to go!

If you live in Edmonton and are in need of a windshield chip repair for your vehicle, please do not hesitate to contact my mobile windshield repair company.

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All the best!

– Zach Rodgers

Owner @ Dynamo Windshield Repair

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