March 16, 2022


March 17, 2022

Well it’s hump day! And today was a busy day, once again! Like I keep saying, there’s no shortage of rocks out on the streets of Edmonton! Nonetheless, I will do my best to repair as many rock chips as I can, everyday.

My day started off on the south side of Edmonton. Next, I was up on the north side of Edmonton for a couple of repairs. Then I made my way back down to the south end for a couple more repairs. And then I finished my day off on the west side, before heading home. Yes, I know. I drive A LOT. 😉

Three of my appointments today were returning customers. Always nice to see familiar faces. 🙂 One returning customer today had gotten a chip repair just a couple weeks ago. Then, in the past 2 days he got 2 rock chips on his Tesla. Such bad luck! Luckily, he was able to book an appointment online for the very next day.

When I arrived, the customer showed me the two chips on his Tesla. They were fairly nasty combination chips too. Thankfully, he put the ‘fix me’ stickers over top of the chips as soon as possible. (I love when customers do this!) The rock chips were dry and clean when I got to repair them, which makes my job easier.

rock chip in windshield before repair

I started off with my regular windshield repair procedure. I flexed the chips with my pen. Next, I cleaned out the crushed glass in the impact point with my drill. Then I placed the windshield repair bridge over top of the breaks. I dropped some resin into the injector and placed the plunger into a pressure cycle. I let the rock chips fill with resin for about 5 minutes.

I then pulled the plunger up into a vacuum cycle and watched the air being sucked out of the glass. I left the plunger in a vacuum cycle for about 5 minutes before putting it back into a pressure cycle. I then flexed the legs on the outside of the chip. I flexed through the injector a few times as well. I could see that the resin was filling into all of the legs of the first chip but on the second rock chip, there was one radial that just wasn’t filling. No worries!

After the rock chip was done filling, I had to drill into the one leg that wasn’t filling in with resin. I grabbed my Dremel and made a small hole in the very middle of the small crack. I placed my windshield repair bridge over top of the hole, dropped in some resin and put the injector in a pressure cycle. I pushed on the injector slightly to add a little bit of extra pressure to ensure the resin flowed in. I watched the resin slowly fill into the one crack. Perfect!

After the chip and the small crack was done filling, I grabbed some pit resin and a plastic tab. I placed some of the resin over top of the impact point and the small drill hole and put the plastic tab over top. I then grabbed my UV lamp and let the resins cure for about 2-4 minutes, while I put away my tools.

Once the resin was done curing, I scraped off the excess resin with my razor blade and cleaned up the pit with some pit polish. I sprayed some window cleaner on the glass and cleaned up the rest of the windshield. I let the customer know that he was all good to go.

rock chip in windshield after repair

I gave the customer a couple more ‘fix me’ stickers. He laughed at the fact that he had already used up the other two stickers from last time. I told him I can give him more, if he’d like. He said no, he doesn’t want to jinx it. Haha, I don’t blame him!

We exchanged goodbyes and I made my way to my next appointment. I still have 3 more appointments to go but the sun is shining and the snow is melting so I’m happy!

If you live in Edmonton and are in need of a windshield chip repair for your vehicle, please do not hesitate to contact my mobile windshield repair company.

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All the best!

– Zach Rodgers

Owner @ Dynamo Windshield Repair

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