March 17, 2022

Happy St. Paddy’s Day! I’m not Irish but I sure felt lucky today. I’m very lucky to be busy all day, repairing rock chips in windshields in the great city of Edmonton. 😉

My day started off on the south side of Edmonton. Then I was on the westside. Next, downtown Edmonton. Then just north of Edmonton in Sturgeon County. Then back to the west side. And I finished my day off in the south end with a couple more repairs.

There were quite a few returning customers once again today. One customer tends to get a rock chip every couple of months. She drives a Range Rover and those windshields are heated and not cheap to replace. I’m always happy to help out and save her from a costly replacement!

Once I got to her house and saw the vehicle’s windshield, I could see the rock chip right away. It was perfectly in the middle of the windshield. A small combination chip with a few nasty legs coming out from the impact point. Definitely best to repair this one A.S.A.P.

rock chip in windshield before repair

I got started with my typical windshield repair process. I flexed the impact point and the legs of the chip. There were a couple radials that were moving quite a bit when flexed. It looked like everything was connected so I got started with my next repair step. I drilled into the impact point and cleaned up any of the crushed glass. I then placed the windshield repair bridge over top and dropped some resin into the injector. I grabbed my plunger and threaded it into the injector. I then placed the plunger in a pressure cycle. I watched in my inspection mirror as the resin was slowly starting to fill into the legs. Great sign!

While the machine was in a pressure cycle, I inspected the rest of the windshield and looked at some of the older chips I had previously repaired. Everything looked good. I topped a few little pits with some resin but there wasn’t anything else for her to worry about.

I then pulled the plunger into a vacuum cycle and let it sit in a vacuum for about 5 minutes. I watched the trapped air slowly being sucked out through the injector. I then placed the plunger back into a pressure cycle. I flexed some of the legs with my pen and then flexed through the injector a few times while it was in a pressure cycle. The resin was filling in great. I could tell that the rock chip was fairly fresh so that always helps the resin flow into the glass better.

After about 25 minutes, the rock chip looked like it was all filled in. I grabbed some pit resin and a plastic tab. I dabbed a few drops of the resin over top of the break and put the tab over top. It was a nice warm and sunny day today and the vehicle was parked on the driveway, so I didn’t need to use my UV lamp to cure the resin. I let the sun do all the hard work. After about 2 minutes, all of the resin was cured. Easy peasy!

I scraped off the excess resin with my razor blade. I then polished up the pit with some pit polish. Next, I cleaned up the rest of the windshield with some glass cleaner. I cleaned up my mess and put away all my tools. I then let the customer know that she was all good to go. Until next time we said!

I got into my vehicle and made my way to my next appointment. Looks like I still have another 4 more appointments to go. No matter! Beats not working. 🙂

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All the best!

– Zach Rodgers

Owner @ Dynamo Windshield Repair

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