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How does it work?

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Did you know?

Replacing a windshield on a modern vehicle today will cost on average anywhere from $200 to $400. Some replacements can cost more than $1000 depending on the type of glass and vehicle.

Did you know?

Windshield repair is good for the environment. Most windshields are non-recyclable and end up in landfills every year. We help save the planet by reducing the amount of windshields sitting in landfills.

Why repair a windshield?

Most windshield repairs take less than 30 minutes and eliminates a costly replacement. Windshield repairs are safe as the glass is never removed.

windshield repair bridge

How is a windshield chip repaired?

Step 1:

We inspect your windshield and identify any damaged area(s). This prevents a hidden rock chip from going unnoticed and expanding later on. We remove any surface debris using a specialized tool. Clean access to the rock chip or crack is essential. If required, we will use a fine tipped carbide drill bit to access the center of the break.

Step 2:

A specialized windshield repair bridge mounts over the damaged area. The bridge uses a “vacuum” to remove the air inside the break. This will prevent air bubbles and prepare the break for the repair resin.

Step 3:

Once the damage is free of debris, a high bond strength acrylic resin injects into the damaged area. The bridge’s injector pin will push resin into the break. Afterwards, vacuum and pressure cycles help remove the air and push the resin.

Step 4:

After the rock chip repair is complete, a pit filling resin fills the impact point. The break is then exposed to a specialized lamp using ultraviolet (UV) light. The UV light cures the repair resin outside of the break and the glass inside the break.

Step 5:

Once the pit resin has cured, we remove the excess resin with a straight edge razor blade. This ensures that the pit is full and the surface of the impact point is smooth with the rest of your windshield. We will buff the surface damage with a pit polish. This will help reduce the visibility of the exterior of the pit repair.

windshield repair bridge & uv light
windshield rock chip repair before & after

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dynamo Windshield Repair and how does it work?

Dynamo Windshield Repair is a mobile windshield repair service.

We’ll come to you anywhere in Edmonton, Alberta. That means you can relax at home or stay busy at work, while we repair your windshield chip(s) or small crack. You can also book your appointment online within minutes!

What kind of windshield chips can you repair?

We can repair most windshield chips up to 2 inches in diameter. There are three common types of windshield chips: a bulls eye, a star break and a combination break. As long as your chip does not exceed past 2 inches, Dynamo can repair it!

Is there a warranty?

Yes! We offer a lifetime warranty on all our workmanship. We will issue you a full refund should your windshield repair fail, for as long as you own your vehicle.

How long does a windshield chip repair take?

In most cases, your windshield chip repair will take 30 minutes or less. We ask that you make your vehicle available for one hour.

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